Fic: Under the Moon and Stars

Challenge: Krum is rapes/molested by Karkaroff, one of the other champions comforts him (Not the exact wording, but close enough)
Title: Under the moon and stars
Author: FAKE (xremusxgalx)
Beta: betaed myself, as I ran out of time...
Summary: It is a romantic night, but not everyone see's it that way.
Warning: Rape/Non-con/H&C/Train of thought
Word Count: 1689
Rating: NC17
Notes: Um... Very late, I know... I had my dissertation due in on the 30th wich was 40% of my total mark for this year of my degree, and R/L has been really bad of late, so I just had no time. But better late than never, yes? So I offer up my challenge to you!
It's the first time I've tried to write Train of Thought, so comments on how that worked, as well as comments on the whole, are greatly appreciated.
I don't own these charactors, JKR does, however I did write this story.

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Technically, the triwizardfqf is over, so that means you can post your fic/art on your journal or anywhere else that you wish.

If you missed the deadline, please feel free to continue posting your stories/art here.

Thank you all for you stories and art! I have a lot of catching up to do
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Fic: Sometimes

Challenge: Fleur, Viktor and Cedric decide that if Harry wants to be a champion, he has to prove he's as good as a 17 year-old.
Title: Sometimes
Author: aviss
Beta: earwenr
Summary: Sometimes is easy to forget that the boy underneath him is just fourteen.
Warning: Underage.
Word Count: 504
Rating: R

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fic: a chance encounter (viktor/harry)

challenge: 56. harry and/or cedric win a prize to go backstage and meet the irish and bulgarian teams. he/they accidentally find krum alone in the showers, disappointed at having lost.
title: a chance encounter
author: mina
beta: def_poet42
summary: harry gets left behind while on tour with the irish national team.
warnings: none really
word count: 835
rating: r

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Fic: No More Nightmares - Harry/Cedric - R

Challenge: #39. Madam Pomfrey insists that the champions stay the night in the hospital wing after the first task. Harry has a nightmare and cries out in his sleep. Cedric crawls into his bed to comfort him. Leads to some kissing...fondling...Harry realizing that he is gay.
Title: No more nightmares
Author: lilycat81
Beta: The brilliant and lovable vafizziks. Thank you!
Summary: A whimper from the bed next to his interrupted his ruminations. He lay perfectly still, listening intently. Harry’s breathing was labored, punctuated by occasional soft sounds of distress. Cedric sat up and watched silently. He wasn’t sure whether or not an intervention would be welcomed. Harry suddenly let out an anguished sob as his head tossed violently back and forth.
Warning: chan
Word Count: 2442
Rating: R
Notes: for the triwizardfqf

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A Light in the Night-- Harry/Cedric NC17

Challenge:#43. Harry gets lost in the woods by Ron’s house. After walking for hours, he finds a tree house.It’s Cedric’s. Cedric/Harry
Title: A Light in the Night
Author: sesptwd
Beta: cormallen ♥ much!!!
Summary: Harry battles with his sexuality. One night, he sees a light in the woods which leads to a definite realization.
Warning: slash (does that need a warning?)
Word Count: 2604
Rating: NC17
Notes: Harry didn't walk for 'hours', but the rest fits the challenge.

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FIC: Reluctant Student | simons_flower | Harry/Cedric | NC-17

challenge:   51.  What really happened in the maze when the hedges blocked off certain paths and two champions found themselves blocked in the same stretch with no way out?
title:  Reluctant Student
author:  simons_flower
beta:  tqpannie
summary:  Unexpected things happen when you’re trapped.  There are some you never acknowledge.
pairing:  Harry/Cedric
genre:  action/adventure, PWP
warnings:  chan, dubious consent
work count:  1375
rating:  NC-17
author’s note:  For the triwizardfqf first challenge.  I blame tqpannie for Cedric’s characterization in this.

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